Realizing Manager

Automatic record “Done date”
and automatic make a listing of realized wishes.

“Realizing Manager” records your wishes of business with the rank.
You can make a listing of realized wishes and automatic record “Done date” with one tap.

Our wish is to make you
increase your motivation to daily work.

This is a ornament-free and intuitive to-do list which can edit
rank, list-name, and so on from tap texts .

Functions and Features

1.ornament-free design

It does not use any image resource inside application,
so the layout is nimble and easy to see.

2.setting importance rank amoung 4 ranks “S, A, B, C”

You choose one amoung ranks “S, A, B, C” and set rank when adding a task.
You can edit it from tap task-title or tap rank on the list.

3.automatic recording “Done date”

You can not only assign the “Due date”, but automatic record the “Done date”
with tap check-box of task on the list.

4.making a list of realized wishes

It does not only make a list of unrealized wishes, but make a list of realized.
Realized wish is added each time you realize your wish and check the box.

5.shift the lists with button or flick

You can shift the lists between “Unrealized” and “Realized”
with flick or tap button under the menu-bar.

6.list name is editable

Both “Unrealized” and “Realized” is editable the list name.
You can edit it from tap list name, and the editing is reflected instantly
in shift-lists-button.